Tim & Maddy

I’ve been part of Tim & Maddy’s journey even before they started dating. I was around when they started dating, I was there when Tim proposed to Maddy, I took their engagement photos and I also had the privilege of capturing their big day. Anyone who knows these guys will know how much contagious and hysterical laughter surrounds them, and their wedding day was no different. I pretty much spent the entire day trying to hold my camera up because I was constantly in tears and laughter. Tim is one of the most kind-hearted, genuine and thoughtful dudes I know, and Maddy is a whole sitcom show of characters trapped in one body.

Their wedding day was all about the details, and so very Australian, which I love. We even bush bashed into a random track that I found a day before where we found a little magical area that had some overgrown wildflowers and a dead tree that had fallen over and sprawled itself across all the native flora.

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