Being in the wedding industry has been one heck of a ride for me! I first picked up the camera around 12 years ago, and I’ve been photographing people and weddings for over 7 years now. I’ve also attended two separate formal education in photography, both analog and in the digital space for commercial photographers. Along the way, and through so many trial and error and a tonne of hustling, I’ve definitely picked up a fair few tips and helpful information that I know a lot of others would benefit from and would help fast-track their journey as a photographer.

I love teaching and training others, and it’s been a passion of mine to equip other creatives out there that are hungry to grow and have an attitude to want to learn. I’m by no means a master or an expert. But I do know that I’m a qualified professional and have experience enough to teach and train others in sharing my own personal and professional journey.

I’m not a quick fix guy, and I definitely don’t believe success happens overnight. I’m continuously growing and learning in so many areas and like a lot of creatives, I keep growing the more I do and the more I teach.

I don’t want to give you “hacks” to make you feel like you can find loopholes to success. I want to equip YOU as a creative soul, as someone who lives in the constant tension of dreaming and making things come to life. I want to teach you how to deal with pressures of the industry, to know how to value yourself and ultimately help strengthen your weaknesses – we all have them! If this is something that you’re after, then I’d love to hear from you and organize a time where I can help you grow.

Full Day Mentoring

With this, you’ll get to spend an extended amount of time with me. We’ll have to sit down, grab a coffee for about an hour, and chat through anything that you want, look over your portfolio and go through editing in Lightroom – whatever you want! We’ll then head off to a location and spend 1.5 hours to photograph a couple together. I’ll get to watch you do your thang and also help guide you as you have questions or as I see things that need to be worked on. You’ll get to keep your photos from the session and we can even go through editing afterward, including how to set up a good workflow from beginning to end.

Full day mentoring goes for 5 hours



One on One

One on one mentoring is the easiest way to get all your questions answered and go through the practical side of things. It’s hands-on and interactive It will provide you with access to my experience, knowledge and helpful tips that will help you feel more confident and less crazy about so many things that come along with being a small business owner and a creative.

We’ll get to spend a fair bit of time together to work through camera techniques, business strategy, portfolio and website feedback and editing.

One on one mentoring goes for 3 hours


Skype Session

If you are interstate, overseas or require talking through specific agendas, rather than go through broad topics and different aspects of the business. We can go through general wedding photography related things, portfolio or website feedback, social media and how to stay inspired through all the ups and downs.

Skype sessions go for 1.5 hours