How long does it take to receive our photos?

Your wedding photos usually take anywhere from 4-5 weeks to be delivered to you.

Should we book an engagement shoot?

Absolutely! I always encourage couples to do a pre-wedding shoot. This is a fun way to capture a special time in your lives, where you're planning the rest of your lives together, and it'll also give you a chance to get comfortable being photographed and get to know the photographer better. We'll get to chat through anything that you like and things you don't like, which is all relevant information to make the most out of your wedding day. Plus, you'll have professional photos to use for your guest book, thank you cards, or wedding invitations.

Do you think wedding albums are worth the cost?

Wedding albums are more important than you'll realise. I've never had a couple who's put together a wedding album regret it or say it wasn't a good investment. It's special because it gives you something special, a keepsake for you to have and hold onto for the rest of your life, and even for your children. I only work with the highest quality wedding album companies, and they are all handmade, personally designed by you and I from start to finish. Parents, especially appreciate it and have on occasions offered to chip in and help pay for the album, as well, so if it isn't in your budget, definitely have a chat with parents ;)

What can we do with the digital copies of our photographs?

Anything you want! They are yours to keep, use, share and print!

We're not very good in front of the camera... Is that OK?

That's what I'm here for! It's part of my job to help make you guys feel as comfortable as possible, so we can capture all the big and small moments, and everything in between that highlights you as a couple.

Do you edit all the photos?

Yes! I go through a rigorous culling process where I pick out the best of the best images from your day, and to make sure you have all the photos to remember your day. After this, the selected photos go through an editing process, which is where I’ll be spending the most amount of time, making it look perfect and consistent.

What happens if you're unable to make it?

Wow, so this is not an ideal situation! I haven’t missed a wedding in the six years that I’ve been photographing them, and I hope it never, ever happens! But on the off chance that I’ll gravely ill or in an accident, I will be appointing another photographer at my discretion to shoot the wedding on my behalf. I wouldn’t just choose anyone to replace me. They’d be someone whose work I highly respect, with as much experience as me and photograph in a similar style.