Let’s get on the same page.

No doubt you’re here because you see my work and see yourselves in it. Something I’m passionate about people finding the right person for your big day. That being said, if you are here because all you have is a number in your mind for a photography budget and just want to see if I fit into that, you won’t value what I have to offer you. If you’re just wanting ‘nice’ and ‘picture perfect’ photos of your day but don’t care about the in-between moments, you’re definitely not going to find that here. Both of these things are okay though, cause as I said, everyone deserves a photographer that’s perfect for their day.

What I have to offer goes beyond a nice camera, professionalism or pretty pictures. I want to provide you with a whole experience of having someone there on the day that’s going to help make it your best and most memorial day ever. I do more than just rock up on the day, take pictures and leave – I love to invest into my clients as they invest into my work. I don’t want to be just another service-provider for you. I want to be someone who you’d consider being a friend. Someone who helped make your wedding day dreams come true, and leave you with a small legacy that you’ll be able to look back onto for year and years to come and help you remember and feel all the small and big moments, just as you experienced them on the day.

If this all sounds exciting to you, then scroll down and fill out the form and let’s get the party started!

Couple Sessions start at $500
Elopements start at $2500
Weddings start at $3650

Note: USA availability and pricing is different to above, please check here for USA packages.