The most important thing.

Tim isn’t crying because of how nice Maddy’s dress is, or because of how well put together his wedding day is. He’s not even thinking about how nice the cake will taste. He’s crying because he just got a glimpse of his beautiful bride, his best friend who’s walking towards him to vow and commit to spending the rest of her life with him, in honour of the connection they have with one another.

Weddings, to me, have always been about one important thing: connection. It’s never been about nice dresses or the best looking cake. It’s never been about how well organised the day is or even how well coordinated the bridal party get-ups are. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about these, in fact, I love all of these and they are important things that help add to the vibrancy of your special day, and to make it truly unique and special. But all these things will be taken down the day after the event. It won’t add value to who you are post wedding day.

I’ve been having conversations with fellow photographers who are in this industry about what truly matters in our line of work, and honestly, as much as everyone would love to get those “hero shots”, everyone lights up when they share their heart for human connection and the story behind two people in love, more than anything else. It’s good to have a beautiful dress, it’s good to eat delicious food or to have fun being dressed up and coordinated, but don’t ever overemphasise them to the point where your wedding day is more important than your marriage!! Your wedding day is to mark the start of something bigger, more special and more valuable. It’s to make the day you and your best friend get to live a life as one, eating, sleeping, adventuring and possibly raising a family of your own together.

Marriage is the most important thing about your wedding. Everyone has a story of how they got to where they were – hard times and good times, through pain and perseverance and an everyday commitment to choose one another through anything life throws at them. THAT, to me, is something truly worth investing into and capturing, cause that will never fade away, it’ll only get better and better. I wanna steer the conversation and expectation of this industry to be more than just the one-day affair. I want to contribute to something that lasts a lifetime, and that’ll grow in value the longer you have. This is why I am constantly wanting to grow in my ability to story tell through my work and capture the connection between two people. I could spend a lifetime learning and wouldn’t ever arrive at a point where I say to myself “I’ve mastered it!” But that itself is part of the journey as a creative, as a photographer and a human being. I’d love for people to share this post if this resonates with them, the button to share on Facebook is below. I’d also love to hear your thoughts, and answer any questions you have, so please leave me a comment below.

See Tim & Maddy’s full wedding.

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